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Milly’s First Love Summary

Milly’s First Love – Not all first love stories go beautifully.

Millicent Jones, or usually called Milly, was always bullied when she was at school. His friends mocked Jones’ name as an abbreviation Jomlo Ngenes.

Milly really hated that title because it seemed like a curse to her. Until he was thirty-two years old, he was still single.

Until one day, Milly didn’t think that she would meet her first love again when she was still in middle school. That man is Nicholas Adinegara.

Nick is a sexy chef, handsome, and can make Milly’s knees shake just looking at him. As far as Milly remembers, Nick was not as handsome and charming as he is now.

Nick looked so dazzlingly handsome that he broke his vow that he would never fall in love with any man again.

Since that meeting, they have become even closer. The love between them grows stronger. However, various problems occurred.

Milly has to let Nick go with another woman. Or maybe Nick actually had to give up Milly with another man?

Will that first love turn into the last and forever love?

Hello My Readers!

This book is a continuation of the book Accept Me As I Am (21+); has been completed. Only on Webnovel.

Nicholas is Rissa’s younger half-brother. In the book Milly, the main characters are Nicholas and Milly.

For those of you who don’t know who Rissa is, you can take a peek at the book.

For those who have read the TAAA book, thank you. Enjoy continuing their stories.

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Milly’s First Love (Online)

Milly's First Love
Milly’s First Love

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