Mated to the Enemy Alpha

Mated to the Alpha of an enemy werewolf pack, will Andraste accept the bond- or will she flee, and start a war?

Beta of the Lykaon pack, Andraste sneaks onto shifter enemy Dalig Hund territory to avenge the assault of a teenage werewolf.

Mated to the Enemy Alpha Summary

After entering the den of her enemy, Andraste comes face to face with the Alpha himself. However, Rolf doesn’t recognize her. When they realize they are mates, Andraste must figure out how to convince Rolf to let her go before he discovers who she is- the Beta who has been causing his pack trouble over the course of several years.
Will Rolf discover her identity and if he does, will he claim Andraste, kill her- or let her go?.

This 8K paranormal werewolf shifter romance features a feisty heroine, her alpha biker mate, and plenty of hot shifter s*ex.


Mated to the Enemy Alpha Book Reviews (GoodReads)

Sandy rated it it was amazing  

First let me state, I received an Advance Reader Copy, (ARC), but this in no way influences my review. I always leave an honest review.

OMG!!! This story is awesome. Andraste is such a strong, cocky female, and beta to her pack. (And that’s funny cause it’s usually the male that’s cocky). She enters enemy territory to deal with bad, enemy wolves. Rolf is one strong, s*exy, smart, dominant alpha of said enemy wolves. This story took mating to a whole new level. I recommend this read. 5 Thumbs up

Lauren rated it it was ok

Andraste, a female beta, comes face to face with her enemy and mate ‘Rolf’. This is a quick steamy read, no character development and a simple plot.

This was an entertaining read but easily forgettable.

Stefany Rattles rated it really liked it

This is definitely a short story, it didn’t take me long to read it at all. It is fast paced and intriguing. For those who like erotica, you will definitely want to read this book.

Andraste goes into enemy territory and is surprised to find that the enemy’s Alpha -Rolf- is actually her mate. They can’t resist each other and you know what happens next…

I give this story 4 stars only because it kind of has a cliff-hanger ending and I kind of wanted to keep reading what happened next and now I’m going to wonder. I don’t like to wonder, there HAS to be an ending. But it looks like there’s more books in the series so I may check those out and hopefully we get to see what happens to Ande & Rolf!

NOTE: *I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.*

Susan rated it liked it

This is the first book in the Wolves of Dalig Hund series. The book can be read as a standalone. This is a short quick read. There is some violence and the s*ex is hot and steamy so definitely 18+.

The book blurb adequately describes the storyline so I’m not going to repeat all of that info here. The author did a good job of giving readers an overview of what this series is about. Even though the events in this book were over a short timeline, and I don’t normally like “insta-love” stories, I look forward to reading more of the series once they are published.

Raina rated it really liked it 

A shifter mating story. There is no romance to this one where he wins her heart and pledges his undying love. No this one is pure animalistic want and need. When you find your fated mate there in no wooing. The two are filled with lust and it gets pretty heavy with them. But don’t think for a second she will give in easily to him. She is a tough female and plans on doing what is needed for her pack not his.

About Emma Alisyn Author of Mated to the Enemy Alpha

Emma Alisyn
Emma Alisyn

Emma Alisyn Author of Mated to the Enemy Alpha is a 40 mumble mumble bi-racial American Muslim mother of five who writes paranormal, sci-fan, and urban fantasy romance.

Her dragons, fae, and bears will most interest readers who like their alphas strong, protective, and smokin’ hot; their heroines feisty, brainy, too grown to give a *uck, and over the age of 30.

Her stories feature men and women of diverse backgrounds.

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Mated to the Enemy Alpha Book Information

Mated to the Enemy Alpha
Mated to the Enemy Alpha

Kindle Edition, 65 pages
Published January 19th 2015 by Hard Candies Publishing
Edition: Language English
Series: Billionaire Werewolf Biker Brides #1

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