Mated to Big Brother-in-law Novel

Mated to Big Brother-in-law by AlisTae is a werewolf romance novel that delves into the intricate dynamics of forbidden love and pack politics. The story follows Sophia, an Omega who finds herself entangled with Bryan Morrison, the formidable head Alpha, known for his ruthless demeanor and commanding presence. As her life intertwines with his, the laws of the Night Shade Pack threaten to upend everything she holds dear, leading to a thrilling tale of passion, power, and destiny.

Mated to Big Brother-in-law Summary

Life was perfect until Sophia met her boyfriend’s big brother. In the Night Shade Pack, a forbidden law dictated that if the head Alpha rejected his mate, he would be stripped of his position. This law would soon entangle Sophia’s life. As an Omega, she was dating the head Alpha’s younger brother, unaware of the complexities awaiting her.

Bryan Morrison, the head Alpha, was not only a cold-blooded leader but also a charming business tycoon. His mere name caused other packs to tremble, earning him a reputation as a ruthless man. However, destiny had other plans, and Sophia’s path was about to intertwine with his in unexpected ways.

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mated to big brother-in-law
mated to big brother-in-law

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