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Let’s Divorce – “You’re pregnant. The baby looks to be six weeks old and is healthy. Congratulations!” Xia Ran was uncontrollably happy at the doctor’s words. Mu Hua had always wanted a child with her, and now she could finally fulfill his wish to become a father. However, her happiness only lasted until she arrived home. There was an unfamiliar woman in her and Mu Hua’s home, and her beloved husband was speaking cruel words to her in his deep voice. “After she gives birth, I’ll divorce her.” Mu Hua, a professor at S Univerisity and CEO of Mu Group, was elegant and noble, and was also Xia Ran’s patron. He was the only ray of light in Xia Ran’s life. So, when Mu Hua proposed to have a fake marriage with her, she didn’t refuse. When he brought up having a child with her, she didn’t refuse either. She thought that their fake marriage would naturally become real once they had children, and that she could really be happy with the light of her life. But now, it seemed that her dream was about to shatter? Xia Ran refused to accept this so easily. She tried her best to save her marriage, but was instead hurt over and over…Finally, Xia Ran gave up. She handed over the divorce agreement and left the place that held so many sad memories for her. However, that heartless man was now looking for her like a crazed man!

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Let’s Divorce
Let’s Divorce

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