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Kindred is a 5 Chapters Xuanhuan novel by Shinsori, which has gotten more than 5.2K views on moboreader. Read Kindred summary and more below.

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Kindred Summary

Natasha Morozova was a renown Russian hitman. However, she was betrayed and died in the middle of her mission. When she thought it was over, she found herself in a fancy bed, being treated by small children. She discovers that she is a good-for-nothing sixth daughter of Quas Empire’s Prime Minister in a world called Rulea. With the use of her experience from previous life, she sets off on the harsh road of cultivation. However, she is not the main protagonist of this story?!

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Kindred Reviews (Moboreader)



I enjoyed the book😘😘😘😘

Read Kindred Read on Moboreader

You can use the link below to read Kindred on Moboreader.

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