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Jemi’s sins is a 20 Chapters fantacy novel by Crazychoco, which has gotten more than 1.7K views on Goodnovel. Read Jemi’s sins summary and more below.

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Jemi’s sins Summary

Jemi held the lump in her throat trying to form a moan was she beautiful the candle light bathed her in golden glory giving her the lure of Aphrodite. slowly Emma walked up to her, her fingers resting on Jemi’s face. “you’re cold aren’t you?” the words couldn’t come out, so she nodded. Jemi could swear she saw her smile. Emma’s hands went down to her shirt, like a sorceress each time she touched the buttons, it flew open. swiftly she slipped to shirt down her hands, her pointy breast now on display, Emma placed her hands on them, squeezing and tugging with her fingers as she kissed her, teasing, testing her limit. Kissing her back Jemi wondered if this was one of those dreams she always had. with her hands resting on Jemi’s taut belly, Emma’s provoking lips went down to her neck. Jemi gasped “you kiss me there I’m losing control” she whispered hoping it sounded like a warning. seems like Emma wasn’t heeding the warning or she was just plain deaf. nibbling, she bit it softly then sucked on it again. And all hell broke loose.

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