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In The Mirror Pdf is a Contemporary Women’s Fiction novel By Kaira Rouda. If you knew you may die soon, what choices would you make? From USA Today Bestselling Author Comes a riveting story about a woman who has been married for six years and has to fight cancer and the choices she makes.

In The Mirror Book Summary

Jennifer Benson has it all: a successful career, a perfect husband, two kids and abundant friendships. The only problem is she may be dying. In the Mirror is the realistic love story about a woman facing a deadly illness, and her loves past and present. It’s a story that unfolds with a delightful blend of humor and poignancy, ringing true in the heart of anyone who has ignored a warning of her own.


In The Mirror Book Reviews


5.0 out of 5 stars The challenges of fighting cancer after six years of marriage
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 3, 2021

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In The Mirror is about Jennifer Benson a woman diagnosed with breast cancer reliving her past while fighting to stay alive.
Eighteen months ago, Jennifer had been living life in the fast lane, juggling two kids and her business, struggling to stay connected to her husband and her friends. All that was before she was diagnosed with cancer. She’s been living in Shady Valley and experimental facility that’s given her a little more time.
Jennifer’s character was honest with her emotions. Kaira set out to tell her readers how getting diagnosed with cancer at thirty-four challenged her relationship with her husband. They have been married six years with two young kids.
You must take Jennifer’s dark humor in stride given it’s still a shock fir her to process having to fight for her life at such as young age. I appreciated the time Kiara focused on Jennifer being a real person rather than a victim to cancer. After all, she was still fighting for her life trying to embrace every moment as a positive. There was no feeling sorry for Jennifer she wouldn’t allow it. She embraced her life by sharing all the great moments.
I know from personal experience being diagnosed with cancer at a young age puts your life into perspective. The reflection back on your life choices comes into question during the diagnosis process. There are stages that an individual goes thru to process this sort of news, but I remember wanting to live a normal life as much as I could while altering and making adjustments to accommodate the treatment schedule. Jennifer’s character behaves much the same way. She strives for normalcy and to be seen as herself and not as an invalid incapable of being whole.
Kiara thought of everything when writing about Jennifer’s character. Her situation sparked a ton of questions which Kiara addressed. The sensitivity of the topic was handled very carefully.
I loved Jennifer’s journey of finding closure and strength from her past. Jennifer faces her relationship with her rivalry sister Julie and an ex-boyfriend Alex. She faces a relationship with a friend she met while in Shady Valley. These relationships helped showcase the type of person Jennifer was before cancer and the type of person she became after cancer.

Jennifer’s friendship with Ralph was special and enduring. I loved each of the moments they spent together bonding.
Jennifer’s party planning was a wonderful idea. I might steal that idea.
So many touching variables to Jennifer’s story. Kaira executed and blended each concept well. Every aspect touched my heart bringing hope.
The entire time I was reading I put my hope and trust into Kiara. She guided this journey leading me down several paths. With each path my hope bloomed for Jennifer and Henry.
For anyone who’s faced challenges in life they should be able to relate and understand the pressures it places upon a family, a marriage, a relationship, and oneself. Kaira offered an alternative approach with Jennifer’s character by revisiting a period of time in her life when she was carefree and cancer free. Facing challenges will do that to a person, they will reevaluate every choice in life questioning themselves for validity and clarity.
This was my first read by Kaira Rouda, but not my last. I’ve already purchased another book. I have quite a few choices to make. I’m excited to explore her backlist of books. I have Robyn Harding to thank for posting Kaira’s new release which led me to purchase this book.


4.0 out of 5 stars Grabs you by the heart in the very first chapter!
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 25, 2021

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The first book I read by Kaira, The First Wife (just released), it was a page turner! I had to move on to another one of her books to see if she grabs me the same way as this one did. This one definitely did but in a different way — I lost my mom in 1972 at age 7 (leukemia). This made me open my eyes to see my mom’s similar experience written in this book. Unfortunately, things were not as “rosy” at home for my mom as they were for her character, Jennifer. She passed away knowing she was leaving 4 children [ages 18, 16, 14 and 7] at home with a husband who was an alcoholic and abusive [physically and mentally but at lease she didn’t have to see that progress after she passed away. In the back of my mind, I’ve always wondered what she must have gone through knowing this — she was a devout catholic and embraced it, that much I know and she left us a letter, which I do read from time to time.

Thank you, Kaira for writing about such a tough time in someone’s life and showing all the elements that go on around that person and what they’re going through. It was told in the perfect manner. I’m off to your next book – can’t wait!


5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent read
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 30, 2021

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I loved reading this book.
Until the end.
For me, the best thing about life was the people in it. Friends, lovers, teachers, role models—they all made me the person I had become. I needed to reconnect with the living if only for a single night, to be assured my life had meant something and I was not as forgotten as I felt.

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Kaira Rouda
Kaira Rouda

Kaira Rouda Author Of In The Mirror Pdf lives in Southern California with her family and is at work on her next novel. Connect with her on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest: @KairaRouda; and on Facebook at Kaira Rouda Books. If you’d like to host Kaira at your book club, please reach out through her website

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In The Mirror Pdf
In The Mirror Pdf
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  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 214 pages
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