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I Shocked the Globe is a 60 Chapters novel by Is It Cool, which has gotten more than 532.4 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read I Shocked the Globe summary and more below

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I Shocked the Globe Summary

I Shocked the Globe – One year, after she transmigrates to the Matriarchy World, she meets a young man with an umbrella under the cherry blossoms. With warm and beautiful eyes, he says to her with a red face and lowered eyes.
“May Your Highness always stay safe, happy, and victorious.”
Another year, after she transmigrates to the Doomsday World, zombies fill the city and she meets him again. A beautiful and fair person raises his grayish-white eyes and smiles at her. “Don’t be afraid, I will protect you.”
In another year, when she transmigrates to the world of Star Wars…Ah! She meets him again! A slender and tall young man droops his long eyelashes and adjusts his collar button before slowly saying, “Where are you planning to hide this time?”
Yun Xia: “There’s no other place to hide so I’m borrowing your house as my hideout.”
Sweet transmigration story, read the story at your own discretion if you are diabetic!

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I Shocked the Globe (Webnovel)

I Shocked the Globe
I Shocked the Globe

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