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How to write Statement of Purpose for Graduate Studies

Writing Statement of Purpose for Graduate Studies

Statement of purpose A.K.A personal statement is a piece of writing that potential grad students submit to admissions committees of a graduate schools while applying for a graduate program. It is an expository piece of writing that tells the committee a lot about you and your career goals. It explains to them why you chose their school, what your contributions to their school will be, what your professional and career interests are, how you would add value to the graduate program you have chosen.

Points to note while writing Statement of Purpose

Debbie Backrack, who has been a college writing instructor for over 27 years at the faculty of professional and continuing education at the University of Washington listed about 10 Tips for Writing an Effective Statement of Purpose. They are:

  1. Put your face on the page.
  2. Don’t panic — brainstorm.
  3. Get another perspective.
  4. Let it all flow and edit later.
  5. Keep your writing lively.
  6. Make it clear you’ve done your homework.
  7. Show you care.
  8. Answer every part of every question.
  9. Make sure your essay reflects your work.
  10. Give yourself time.

You can watch the video via this link

In her explanation, when, she said put your face in the page, she meant you should express your worth, if you have a GRE scores, good transcripts, you make them come alive. A statement of purpose should tell a lot about you in a manner that should convince the admissions committee to give you the desired opportunity you yawn for..

While writing a statement of purpose, do not forget to pay attention to stipulated format. If you are asked to write under 500 words, etc. make sure you stick to that instruction. Not paying attention to format instruction is the first step to defying orders, and no committee member would want that. 

Actions to avoid while writing a statement of purpose

  1. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors.
  2. Avoid vague illustrations like “the things” instead, state that very thing, mention its name.
  3. Avoid repetitive words
  4. Avoid using informal language

Spice up your writing

In addition to the points stated above, there is one point that cannot be overemphasized, and that is “making the the committee know that you know them well.

You have to make a good research about the department and faculty you intend studying in, you have to know the professors there and the projects they are doing, you have to know the latest researches going on the department and write your statement stating your desire to queue into such research area. You can state your plans of advancing their last research, or state the works you have done before which are related to the current research going on there. Even if you have not done anything related to their research, make them know that you have done courses related to the research in question. State the courses and programs you have done, that makes you fit to enroll in their program.

Think about it for a moment, if you are a professor and a member of admissions committee, and you discover that a potential candidate likes your research area and would want to work in such area, would you not give them the chance??? the same is applicable to those professors their, when they discover that you like what they like and you are ready to work in their research areas, chances are that you will get acceptance in such graduate school.

When you factor all the tips mentioned above coupled with a good command of English, you will create a a wonderful statement of purpose that will perturb the admissions committee to accept you into their program without hesitation.

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