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How to Make Money while Studying in Nigerian Universities & Polytechnics

You will agree with me that money is very essential in the life of any individual. As the saying goes “Money makes the world go round”. The average Nigerian student is supported financially by his/her parents or guardians but this support is never enough as was my experience. Every student’s dream is to make that extra cash to ensure you are up to date and comfortable while studying. Well, worry no more because I will share with you 5 businesses to engage in on campus with a little capital and how to make the business thrive.

How to Make Money while Studying in Nigerian Universities & Polytechnics

Making of snacks

Most students on campus love to eat snacks as it is one of the quickest and cheapest food to eat and curb hunger. Snacks like doughnut, meat pie, buns, egg roll, fish pie and butter pie are some of the most sought-after snacks. Buns for example, is easy to make as it requires no extra appliance and you can always make use of your available kitchen utensils. Imagine you make say 100pcs of meat pie that is sold at #50 each. When you do the math, that’s a whopping #5000. These snacks can be sold in the hostels, lodges or even immediately after lectures. The key to making good sales in this business is to make Delicious and tasty snacks that are quite sizable. This is a business any student can start within the varsity campus and make tons of cash.

Sales of fashionable wears

Take this from someone who has been a student, that fashion is the order of the day inside the university campus. Campus babes will agree with me that the latest designs of bags, shoes, shirts, trousers, gowns and jeans are always in high demands, as everyone wants to be hailed as a fashionista. As a student you can pounce on this opportunity and use it to your advantage as long as you keep up with the latest fashion trends. You can decide to specialize in one aspect of fashion such as sales of beautiful gowns and shoes. One of the fastest ways to making quick sales in this business is to carry them round the hostels and lodges and even to your lecturers. For instance, you can walk into say 60 rooms and market your wares and you will walk out of those rooms smiling if you know your craft. This business won’t suit introverts but even at that, your determination and zeal to make that extra cash would be a deciding factor to help you pull through. Extroverts on the other hand have no such problems and can sweettalk fellow students into buying their wares. You can source your wears in Aba, Abia state as it is way cheaper but make sure to properly calculate the transport cost depending on your location to make sure you are going to profit from it. If you are looking to buy in large quantity and more exotic designs, consider ordering from


This is another business that students can engage in to make money while in school. Ladies especially, in their hostels can make their fellow students’ hair for a token. The key in this venture is to reduce the price a bit in a bid to attract more customers whilst maintaining stylish hairdos. Though this business is only for those students that have learnt the skill of hair making, those without the skill can as well learn from those who are good at what they do for an agreed amount. The guys are not left out in this business as it is quite common to see guys that are into hairdressing around campus. From my experience, most girls in school love a guy to make their hair stating various reasons like guys are more cool and would make unique designs, you will hear things like “Oooh!! he is so handsome, I want him to make my hair, I have a crush on that guy, let me get closer to him and give him the greenlight” and many other reasons. So, guys with this skill can make use of this to their advantage and make money. Hope I am communicating.

Sales of soaps and detergents

Believe me when I say that detergents, soaps and starch are among the fastest selling products within the campus. This is because students make use of these items on a daily basis in washing their pots, plates and in cleaning. These products can be bought from the wholesalers and manufacturers and resold at a good price within a short period of time. This business has the same strategy with that of fashion wears in that you have to carry your goods from one room to another in order to make quick turnover. On the other hand, some students produce these items themselves, that is they have mastered the science and art making soaps and detergents. These students make a lot of money and don’t get to depend solely on their parents financially. If you are curious about this business but don’t have the skills to produce them, look for any student in the entrepreneur department and liaise with him or her and for a little fee paid you get to learn and start making money.

Become a house agent

At the start of every new year, there are so many lodges and hostels that are void of occupants because final year students will leave the campus after graduation and also other students look for another lodge to relocate to. This is also a time when newly admitted students are trying to find suitable accommodation. As an old student you can make tons of cash by getting across to the owners of these buildings offering to be an agent and striking a good deal with them. The deal is typically simple, you earn a commission per referral, that is for every person you refer who eventually pays, you are paid a specified amount say #10000. Then imagine you are able to make 5 successful referrals, that is a whopping #50,000 lots of cash, right? In order to be an agent everyone seeks out, you will have to select lodges and hostels that are close to school, have good room size and constant electricity. The availability of these facilities will enable you convince your customers quickly. This is a business you see most students living big in school engage in. If they can make this kind of money as students, why can’t you?

Success tips

Here are some tips that will ensure success in any of the businesses you decide to venture into

Creating awareness

This is one of the methods you can employ to ensure you have a steady supply of customers. There are two methods of creating awareness or publicity. I call it analog awareness and digital awareness. The former entails printing a brief and catchy advert on paper, then you can paste it at strategic locations within campus. Ensure that vital information such as your hostel location, room number and telephone number are boldly printed on it for easy contact. The latter which is the digital awareness entails the same process but this time, instead of using a paper, you can use your smartphone to pass across the same information using social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let your friends know your hustle. If you create your publicity right, you won’t struggle in getting people to buy your goods or patronize your services.

Branding and packaging

I’m sure you have heard of the commonly used Nigerian pidgin slang ‘ omo everything these days nah packaging’. This is very true especially in this 21st century. Regardless of what your business is, as long as you package it in a unique and flashy way, you are sure to attract lots of attention to your goods and services. Give your business a catchy name, create your own brand and see the money rolling in.

Consistency in business

Whatever business you are doing, remember that you have to be always available and also ensure constant availability of your goods and services. You might not see its efficacy initially but in the long run customers will know that you are a brand they can trust.

In summary, there is a lot of money to be made within the university campus. The question is are you willing to make it. Remember that the major aim of being in school is to acquire knowledge by studying. Do not let your studies suffer at the expense of money making. Manage your time well.

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