His Contractual Wife Wants A Divorce

“His Contractual Wife Wants A Divorce” by Dream Quest tells the gripping story of Emilee, a woman who finds herself bound in a loveless marriage to Jonny, a man whose heart belongs to another. As Jonny’s true love reenters their lives, Emilee is driven to seek a divorce, only to be met with Jonny’s unyielding refusal. Caught in a web of emotional turmoil and possessive control, Emilee’s struggle for freedom and self-discovery forms the heart of this compelling tale.

His Contractual Wife Wants A Divorce Summary

Emilee had never envisioned ending up in bed with Jonny, let alone becoming his wife through a contractual agreement. Yet, here she was, legally bound to a man whose heart clearly belonged to someone else. When his true love came back, Emilee was overwhelmed with despair and chose to seek a divorce, hoping to reclaim her sense of self and find happiness.

However, Jonny, typically distant and reserved, was unexpectedly firm in his refusal. “Emilee, the moment you married me, your life became mine!” he asserted with unyielding determination. “In this family, one may become a widow, but divorce is not an option!” His harsh words left Emilee trapped, bound by a marriage that offered no escape, ensnared by Jonny’s possessive grasp.

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His Contractual Wife Wants A Divorce
His Contractual Wife Wants A Divorce

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