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Her Forgotten Billionaire is a 79 Chapters Romance novel by Lami274, which has gotten more than 130.7K views on Goodnovel. Read Her Forgotten Billionaire summary and more below.

Her Forgotten Billionaire Summary

Anastasia Samuel, happy go lucky, bubbly woman with God gifted beauty who is currently in the need of a job. What could go wrong, right? Actually a lot can go wrong after she lost her memory in a tragic accident and is now living a new life for three years without any hint of the past. She is living a miserable life where her mind makes her forget every small event which she doesn’t want to remember. Darius Henderson, the handsome and cold hearted devil who is also known as the CEO of the Henderson empire.
What happens when Anastasia bumps into him and his blood boils in hatred after three long years and claims to be her husband about whom she doesn’t remember anything! She needs a job. He will give her a job, as his personal assistant. And things will start to go down. He had broken her heart before and now he will break her soul but will he be able to cure her by giving his heart to her later? “Anastasia! Where are you going?” Darius asked her in a worried tone while he was kneeling down by her with a worried look on his face. The hatred in his eyes was gone as if it was never there. “To work?” Anastasia asked in an amusing tone as if she was finding the question really funny. “Are you okay? You were just screaming in your unc-… sleep.” He asked with a deep frown. Anastasia waved his words off with a small chuckle. “I was having a bad dream about you claiming me as your wife and.. kissed me. Haha, funny right?” She said and laughed out loud like it was the funniest joke ever while Darius looked at her with shock written all over his face.

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Her Forgotten Billionaire Reviews (Goodnovel)

Her Forgotten Billionaire
Her Forgotten Billionaire

Madeline Crist
It’s a very good storyline. Lots of grammar errors use of pronouns are not correct. Use of he/she not correct. Plus it’s almost a year & no Epilogue as was promised. There should be a story about Noah & Selena. With each book you write you will get better.

Katherine D 
I’m currently halfway into this story, and I still don’t like Darius. He is very mentally abusive. Run Anastasia! You do not need to take any of his crap. I’m very curious how and if it’s possible to turn him around at this point.

nami laroza 
The story is nice. I just hope you, author-nim would proofread this. So many errors. But it’s great all in all.

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