Heaven Purging Monarch 

Heaven Purging Monarch is a fantasy novel by Orclion that tells the story of Orion, a legendary cultivator who was known as the God of Pleasure. He was famous for his dual cultivation technique, which allowed him to enhance his power and pleasure by mating with various women. However, he failed to break through to the highest realm and fell from grace, becoming a laughing stock among the Seven Boundless Worlds.

Heaven Purging Monarch Summary

The novel begins with Orion waking up in the body of a sixteen-year-old disciple of a dual cultivation sect, who had been in a coma for three years after being poisoned by his jealous fiancee. He soon realizes that he has lost most of his memories and cultivation, and that he has to start from scratch in this unfamiliar world. He also discovers that he has a mysterious system in his mind, which gives him tasks and rewards related to dual cultivation.

With the help of the system, Orion embarks on a journey to regain his former glory and seek revenge on those who wronged him. Along the way, he meets many beautiful and powerful women, who become his partners in dual cultivation and help him overcome various challenges and enemies. He also uncovers the secrets of his past and the true meaning of dual cultivation, which is not only a way of pleasure, but also a path of enlightenment.

The novel is a mix of action, romance, comedy, and drama, with a lot of explicit scenes and mature content. It has a fast-paced plot, witty dialogue, and a charismatic protagonist, who is both ruthless and charming. The novel also explores the themes of rebirth, revenge, friendship, and justice, as well as the different aspects of cultivation, such as martial arts, magic, alchemy, and formation.

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Heaven Purging Monarch 
Heaven Purging Monarch 

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