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Ghosts of the Past: Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu’s story, A lesson for Every Student

The dream of every student once he or she is given admission into the university is to work hard, get good grades, successfully graduate and get a good job or start a business as the case may be, but for some of these students, these aims are never achieved, their dreams are sidetracked or they engage in activities that will in time metamorphose into ghosts of the past, tainting their well-crafted present and a promising future.

Ghosts of the Past

These activities are some of the reasons why some students never graduate from school and even when they do and think that they are living comfortable lives, it comes back like a ghost to haunt them as was the case of pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, the 2016 PDP governorship candidate.

A brief biography and the story of pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu.

Pastor Osagie ize-iyamu, POI as he is popularly known, is a senior pastor of the Redeemed Christian church of God and was born into a prominent Benin family on June 21st 1962. Besides the fact that his father was a prominent Benin kingdom chief, his grandfather was also the prime minister of the Great Benin kingdom.

A lawyer by practice and training, he has held a number of sensitive and powerful positions in Edo state politics such as the 2012 south-south vice chairman of ACN, secretary to Edo state government under Lucky Igbenidion’s administration, director general of Adams Oshiomole’s governorship campaign organization and the people’s Democratic party’s (PDP) candidate in the 2016 Edo state gubernatorial elections, a position he vied for and lost to Godwin Obaseki of the All progressive Congress (APC).

It was during this time that the ghosts of his past came to disrupt his well-crafted present. According to the news chronicle in a report dated September 8, 2016, the then incumbent governor of Edo state Adams Oshiomole reveals the dark past of pastor Osagie Ize-iyamu as the state gears towards the gubernatorial election. Speaking at a mega rally of the All progressive Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomole disclosed that contrary to the claims of the PDP governorship candidate, pastor Ize-iyamu that he has never been indicted for any crime, he was allegedly rusticated during his school days. It was further revealed that ize-iyamu was rusticated by the school’s panel led by prof. Itse Sagay for two years after he bathed a fellow student with acid at the university of Benin (Uniben). This act led to the complete paralysis of the victim’s manhood.

It was later reported that POI in an online Interview admitted that he was rusticated for being a member of the pirate confraternity at the university of Benin during his school days and not because he bathed somebody with acid. You will agree with me that it is really unimaginable how a man of such stature, position and social standing could have been involved in such an act. This goes to show that truly nothing is as it seems and would have put the good people of Edo state and his ardent supporters in a dilemma as to whether pastor Osagie ize-iyamu is really capable of leading them.

The lessons to be learnt.

Every student is responsible for the choices they make while in school and these choices whether good or bad reflect who you are.

If you make a good choice you will surely reap its benefit and reward and if a bad choice then the consequences of that choice awaits you if not immediately, then in the long run as was the case of POI. Below are some of the lessons to be learnt from pastor ize-iyamu’s story.

  • Never involve yourself in any criminal or scandalous activity because you will never know when it might come back to bite you in the ass.
  • If you ever hope to contest for a position, lead an organization successfully or be given a meritorious appointment or recognition in the future, try as much as possible to keep a clean track record because something as little as injuring a fellow students over a misunderstanding can lead to suspension or even expulsion depending on the magnitude and it will never look good for you if an inquiry should be made into your past.
  • Shun all forms of cultism whether it be for protection, recognition or the monetary gain involved because it will surely derail you from your dreams and you end up doing things that will haunt you in the future.
  • Be mindful of the kind of friends you keep in school. Mingle with positive minded friends who share your vision and passion not only in studies but in all other aspects. The adage that says show me your friend and I will tell you whom you are is true.
  • Above all, be prayerful and commit your dreams, plans and goals into the hands of the creator because he is the source of every good and he is the only one capable of ensuring that your dreams comes to fruition.

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