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From This Moment Pdf Summary

It was like seeing a ghost.

When my late husband’s twin brother moves back to our small town, I want to avoid him. Everything about Wes reminds me of the man I lost and the life we’d planned together, and after eighteen long months struggling just to get out of bed, I’m finally doing okay. I have a new job, an amazing support group, and a beautiful five-year-old daughter to parent. I don’t want to go backward.

But I’m drawn to him, too. He understands my grief and anger and guilt like no one else — and I understand his. Before long, that understanding becomes desire, and that desire becomes uncontrollable.

He says he doesn’t care what people think, and love can never be wrong. But life has taught me its cruelest lesson — love doesn’t always win.

If only my heart would believe it.


From This Moment Review

Jillery G

5.0 out of 5 stars A beautiful but conflicted story

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 18, 2022

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My ONLY complaint about the book is that there wasn’t an extended epilogue!

SPOILER ALERT …… It was a very good story, loved how it wrapped up because of the struggles H & A endured and at the end I wanted the epilogue to be the last chapter so I could turn the page and read more …… I realllllly wanted to hear more of Hannah, Wes, Abby and the baby. I wanted to read about how Wes was as a father and step father. I WANTED MORE. That said, 5 stars for this book and this series. Love this author and all her books.


4.0 out of 5 stars 3.5-3.75 Stars

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 14, 2022

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Overall, I enjoyed this story. It, of course, was really sad in a lot of parts, and I had major mixed feelings about the fact that Wes was not only the brother, but his identical twin. But the author did a good job of addressing those issues, and especially letting us see what it was like from Wes’s perspective from the start. I think knowing that Drew wasn’t the perfect spouse (at all) helped move past that issue.

The biggest thing that annoyed me was probably this mention of Wes “operating” on someone, but the fact that he’s a family physician, not a heart surgeon. Not quite the same thing. But thankfully that was only a passing mention kind of thing, not a frequent error.


4.0 out of 5 stars 3.5 ‘SECOND CHANCE’ STARS

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 16, 2017

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First of all, who doesn’t have a Lenore character in their life? Am I right? There should a be a support group dedicated to all who suffer from the critical-judgy-self-worth-crushing Lenores’ of the world. Anyway, moving on.

Hannah is a smart, beautiful, talented cook, and amazing mother to young Abby. Her small-town doctor husband dies suddenly and now she finds herself a young widow, single mother and sole provider of Abby.

Hannah is grief-stricken and not taking care of herself well. They had plans—promises to be together forever and now all those dreams are gone. Hannah is left to build a life from the broken pieces of what should have been.

Nevertheless, Abby is Hannah’s number one priority. She is doing her best to navigate this new life that has been thrust upon her now that her husband Drew is gone, leaving her defenselessness against her critical-judgy-mother-in-law Lenore who has never liked her.

Nothing like a sudden loss to make you realize what is important in life. Wes, Drew’s brother, who is also a doctor, returns to the small-town to help out the family practice and to be close to the family—and the woman who he let go years ago, his brother’s wife.

Wes is not only struggling with the loss of his brother, but his identical twin, his other half. He wants to be there for his brother’s wife and niece, it’s what his brother Drew would have wanted.

Meanwhile, Wes’s mother, Lenore is very clingy and controlling of her surviving son all the while condemning and nit-picking Hannah for everything she does and doesn’t do, knowing very well she just lost her husband for God sake.

The relationship between Hannah and Lenore is strained, but Abby will forever bind them, they need to make it work…but it’s a two way street.

Aside from the Lenore drama, seeing her “husband’s ghost” around town is an emotional mindf*ck to say the least. It is heartbreaking real to watch Hannah go back and forth over her emotions. They are identical twins but also different in many ways.

Hannah and Wes met first. Wes, like all things in life, bowed out for Drew to date and eventually marry Hannah. The biggest mistake of Wes’s life essentially. Nevertheless, Wes was willing to sacrifice his own happiness, if it meant that Hannah and Drew could have their happily ever after.

Then Drew died.
Wes realized that life is short. Life can be taken away in an instant.
Wes was not going to miss his chance with Hannah again. But he wants to do it right.

There isn’t insta-love in this story. It is a slow burn. Hannah and Wes eventually get back to the natural friendship that they’ve always had. Their grief and memories of Drew bring them together. Hannah finds herself laughing again, but happiness after loss also comes with a boat-load of emotional guilt and devastating doubt—something bad will happen, it’s unavoidable in her mind, Hannah feels she needs to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

And then sh*t gets complicated. Second chance love becomes dirty & delicious forbidden love.
Small-town gossip is tough, critical-intervening-mother-in-laws are even tougher.

Hannah and Wes will have to decide—follow your heart knowing the world will judge you or deny yourself a second chance at forever.

So why not 5 stars?

Lenore was a good character. Author did a great job of giving her flaws but good qualities as well. You love and hate Lenore. However, I don’t feel she was a big enough obstacle for the story. They could’ve just said screw you Lenore, accept us or don’t…”Bye Felica!” Not much of a challenge.

I would have liked to see more negative, small-town gossip or a bigger obstacle that prevented them from being together. (i.e what if she lost her life-long career, potential important client, parent shaming in public, lost a good friend or support blah, blah, blah.)

It would have been nice to find a friend of Hannah’s that did not agree with her being with Wes. Another point of conflict that would have given us a break from the Lenore conflict.

All the secondary characters were all in agreement, sickening-supportive and at the sideline ready to fluff the MCs when they needed to reflect on their inner turmoil. Great friends sure, well-written too, but they didn’t bring any dynamic conflict to the table. But I’m a drama wh*re, so there’s that.

The story was entertaining, emotionally gripping and unique. The love scenes were deliciously hot and forbidden. The sexual tension was off the charts. This is a beautiful story and I definitely will be reading more from this author in the future

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Melanie Harlow
Melanie Harlow

Melanie Harlow Author Of From This Moment pdf is USA Today and #1 Amazon bestselling author who writes sweet, se*y, feel-good romance. She is a Michigan girl who likes her martinis dry, her heels high, and her history with the naughty bits left in. If she’s not writing or reading, she’s probably at Orangetheory or watching Schitt’s Creek again. She lifts her glass to readers from her home near Detroit, MI, where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and pet rabbit. She is represented by Rebecca Friedman of Friedman Literary. You can connect with Melanie Harlow using her website and social media handles below:

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From This Moment pdf books
From This Moment pdf books
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  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 352 pages
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  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1977930262
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