Forgotten Hues of Love

Forgotten Hues of Love By  Reyvonn

Forgotten Hues of Love Summary

Although her past is very unclear because of amnesia, Yula tried to live her simple life despite of all the questions she has in mind. These people who claimed to be her family proved that her name is Yula. As time goes by, she believed them as there are a lot of photos of her from her childhood to present. But she doesn’t know why she has this feeling that there’s something she needs to unravel about her life ever since a mysterious man gave her a strange letter. Apart from that, she also started dreaming about these two mysterious men. They made her more confuse and desperate to get her memory back. The one is holding a gun, and the other one is kissing her with full of love. Who are these men? Are they part of her past? Or they are just a simple dream and don’t actually mean anything? But what made her more skeptical about is this gorgeous billionaire man, who disguised himself as a farmer.

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Forgotten Hues of Love
Forgotten Hues of Love

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