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Emperor of Poker is a 74 Chapters Competitive Sports novel by SamsaraWithWords, which has gotten more than 478.3 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Emperor of Poker summary and more below.

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Emperor of Poker Summary

“To outplay a man in poker is to own him in mind, wallet, and soul.” – Joey Fiore, World Series of Poker champion.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire overnight? It was the start of the poker boom and that was the dream of millions of poker players all over the world. All types of geniuses, gamblers, and hustlers flocked to poker rooms with ambitions of making it big. Follow Joey, a teenager with the special ability of an empath, as he rises to challenge the greatest poker players in existence.

Empath: someone with the abnormal ability to experience the thoughts and emotions of others. (*This is a real life ability.)

*Like other sports or game novels, you don’t need to understand poker to enjoy this novel. It’s written in a reader-friendly manner. While I’ll introduce poker basics at a gradual pace in the background, the focus will be on thrilling competitions and dramatic aspects that everyone can relate to.

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Emperor of Poker (Webnovel)

Emperor of Poker
Emperor of Poker

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