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Emergency Marriage is a 363 Chapters novel by Yuli_F_Riyadi, which has gotten more than 1.0 Million views on Webnovel. Read Emergency Marriage summary and more below

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Emergency Marriage Summary

Emergency Marriage – What if you are forced to get married to replace your sister who ran away on her wedding day?

Rea (21 years old) was forced to replace Reni – her older sister, to marry a man she had never seen.
To save the family’s good name, he agreed to the marriage.
Aksara Satria Wijaya (28 years old), who was actually forced to marry because the rights to his grandfather’s wealth fell into his hands, did not know that the bride had actually been replaced.

Is it possible that in their marriage the seeds of love will grow, or will they even sink along the way considering the many women around Satria?

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Emergency Marriage (Webnovel)

Emergency Marriage
Emergency Marriage

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