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Emerald Eyed Luna – Nina had the perfect life. She had a caring boyfriend and friends that never left her side. But one night, everything changed. Read summary of Emerald Eyed Luna by Mrs. Smith below.

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Emerald Eyed Luna Summary

Nina was attacked by a group of rogue werewolves, and she barely escaped with her life. In the aftermath of the attack, she began to have strange dreams and visions. She also started to exhibit strange powers, like the ability to heal herself and others.

Nina soon realized that she was not who she thought she was. She was a werewolf, and she had a destiny to fulfill. But what was that destiny? And how was she supposed to fulfill it when she was being hunted by the very people she was supposed to protect?

Nina embarked on a journey to find answers, and along the way she met a cast of unforgettable characters, including her true mate, a powerful alpha werewolf. But even with their help, Nina’s path was not easy. She faced danger at every turn, and she had to make difficult choices that would have a profound impact on her life.

In the end, Nina found her destiny, but it was not what she expected. She learned that she was not just a werewolf, but also a luna, a powerful leader of her pack. She had to use her newfound powers to protect her people from the rogue werewolves who were threatening their way of life.

Emerald Eyed Luna is a thrilling and suspenseful story about a young woman who discovers her true identity and destiny. It is a story about love, loss, and the power of the human spirit.

Some Additional Details About the Book

  • The book is set in a modern world where werewolves exist in secret.
  • The main character, Nina, is a strong and independent woman who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.
  • The book is full of action and adventure, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing until the very end.
  • If you enjoy stories about werewolves, magic, and destiny, then you will love Emerald Eyed Luna.

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Emerald Eyed Luna
Emerald Eyed Luna

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