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Dr. Luna is a romance novel by JM Snap that readers have testified to be interesting.

Dr. Luna Summary

Lilly Strummer never wanted to find her mate. She had been ostracized by her pack and knew that her mate would likely reject her too. No one would want someone like her. She was different. With no social life she decided to enter college at a young age to study to become a doctor.

Then everything changed one day when she heard the word MATE.

A secret to bare and some truths yet to be learned. And a threat that lurks in the darkness.


Dr. Luna by JM Snap

Dr. Luna Book Excerpt

Dr. Luna book pdf
Dr. Luna book pdf

As she climbed into bed, she felt the bed dip down beside her and she turned with shocked eyes to see Tyler laying down beside her.

“What are you doing?” Lilly squeaked out from the unexpected invasion.

“Trying to sleep.” Tyler replied tersely as he closed his eyes.

“Uhm, this is my room.” Lilly’s voice whispered out. Her heart was beating out of her chest and her stomach was flipping at the sight of him so close.

“Nothing gets past you.” Tyler smirked and he opened his eyes to look at her. “I thought we would both enjoy this more.”

JM Snap Author of Dr. Luna pdf Book

JM Snap describes herself as Someone trying her best to bring you stories that you can get lost in. I hope that for a little while you can live in another world and become part of the family created, she said.

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Dr. Luna Book Reviews (Goodreads)

Tinowa Oreggio‘s review May 12, 2022
Good book and good narration. I enjoyed the story. There were a few inconsistencies and it dragged at one point , but I liked it overall. Listened to on the WeHear app.

Diana‘s review Nov 14, 2021
Great start to an amazing series that keep on getting better! I just finished book 4 and am waiting so impatiently for the next one!!!

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Read Dr. Luna pdf Online Free by JM Snap

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