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do you know me is a 156 Chapters Magical Reality novel by ema_helma, which has gotten more than 38.9 Thusand views on Webnovel. Read do you know me summary and more below.

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do you know me Summary

An innocent girl who has to live in the city to work. Rachel, a village girl who has to work as a cake seller to survive in a big city.

She was betrothed since childhood to a man she had never even met before.

The man who will be matched with Rachel is a man who loves his girlfriend who disappeared on her wedding day. He was forced to marry a woman of his grandmother’s choice and would marry that woman with a sense of compulsion

the journey continues after marriage, after confessing their feelings for both. there are many problems that occur at the same time, Rafa. Rachel’s former lecturer, who was once known as a good person, turns out to be not her true nature.

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do you know me (Webnovel)

do you know me
do you know me

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