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Demon Immortal is a 130 Chapters Eastern Fantasy novel by kirupakaran, which has gotten more than 1.0 Million views on Webnovel. Read Demon Immortal summary and more below.

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Demon Immortal Summary

Follow the journey of a wandering drunk swordsman who will punch immortals, kick demons, and cut down gods as he ascends the heavens in search of better women and wine…. hic…

Women, Wine, and Wager

The three most terrible vices a man could possess. Luckily, Duncan was only afflicted with two – women & wine. As an ordinary spirit stone miner, Duncan only cared about earning money to indulge in his two vices.

However, Duncan’s fate had a twist in the form of a cantankerous old man who wanted to both reward and punish him in good measure. It leaves Duncan with a rather poor opinion of cultivators in general.

Pulled into the world of cultivation unwittingly, Duncan only cares for three things. His sword, his wine, and his women.

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Demon Immortal (Webnovel)

Demon Immortal
Demon Immortal

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