Demon Angel

Demon Angel is a fantasy novel that tells the story of Dr. Charles, a renowned psychiatrist who was murdered for his excellence and found himself in an unknown world. He had always been referred to as a demon by his patients, not only because of his calm and rational demeanor, but also because of his level of madness that surpassed anyone else. He had a unique blend of calmness and sufficient madness, which he used to treat his patients and solve their problems.

Demon Angel Summary

In the new world, he discovered that he had a mysterious system in his mind, which gave him tasks and rewards related to dual cultivation, a practice that involved mating with various women to enhance one’s power and pleasure. He also learned that he was in a world where magic and martial arts existed, and that he had to pass the trials of Mist School and the Abyss Train to reach the Endless Abyss, a place where the secrets of the world were hidden.

The novel follows Dr. Charles’s adventures as he tries to survive and thrive in this chaotic world, where he encounters various enemies, allies, secrets, and mysteries. He uses his wits, skills, and resources to overcome various challenges and obstacles, while also seeking revenge on those who wronged him and his family. He also meets many beautiful and powerful women, who become his partners in dual cultivation and help him improve his strength and pleasure. He also uncovers the secrets of his past and the true meaning of dual cultivation, which is not only a way of pleasure, but also a path of enlightenment.

The novel is a mix of action, romance, comedy, and drama, with a lot of explicit scenes and mature content. It has a fast-paced plot, witty dialogue, and a charismatic protagonist, who is both ruthless and charming. The novel also explores the themes of rebirth, revenge, friendship, and justice, as well as the different aspects of dual cultivation, such as martial arts, magic, alchemy, and formation.


Demon Angel.
Demon Angel.

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