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Coping with the Post Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic as a Student.

Corona virus A.K.A Covid-19 is a deadly disease currently ravaging various parts of the globe, killing people in thousands and leading to the lockdown of businesses, firms and even schools disrupting normalcy.

Coping with the Post Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic as a Student

Drastic measures such as social distancing, wearing of nose masks and periodic washing of hands with soap under running water as advised by the World Health OrganizationWHO has curbed down the spread of the virus. Life is gradually returning to normal and the current talks by the federal government concerning the reopening of schools has given students across Nigeria hope that things will come be back to normal, but the most important question every student should ask themselves is- How prepared am I to continue once school reopens?

Here I am going to share some tips on how to cope with your studies and extracurricular activities once the resumption date is announced whilst staying safe and healthy.

1. Effective time management: There is a popular saying that time waits for no man. Time management is of essence in the life of any productive individual and as a student who hopes to go back to school, the same holds true for you.

During this stay at home period, endeavor to create ample time for studies. I know there are household chores to be run, help with the family business, friends and family to visit and movies to be watched, but all these should have time allotted for them. Even excellent or high achieving students may find themselves feeling relaxed, distracted or falling into the trap of procrastination because at this time there is no one to compete with to have the best grades, but I urge you to rise above that, manage your time well. Always remember this mantra which I apply myself; is says “Do what you have to do so that you can have time to do what you want to do.”

2. Consistency in studying: Among students, studying is sometimes confused with reading. According to the English Dictionary, the verb ‘to read‘ connotes to look at and interpret letters or other information that is written while the verb ‘to study‘ means to fix the mind closely upon a subject, to dwell upon anything in thought, to muse or ponder. Albeit these two words are used synonymously to achieve a common goal which is knowledge. As a student who is anxiously awaiting the government’s date for the reopening of schools nationwide, consistency in studying should be a priority.

Studying in this context means going through relevant courses and subjects taught previously, reading ahead of your lecturer/teacher by covering the topics stipulated in the scheme of work for a semester or term, reading textbooks, journals and articles on your chosen field of study.

3. Weaponize your smart device: atfirst glance, these four words may seem strange but it simply means turning your smart devices such as your phones, iPads, palmtops and laptops into weapons not of mass destruction but of mass acquisition of knowledge. There are a lot of relevant information on the internet and as a student you have to make use of it to acquire knowledge pertaining to not only your chosen field of study but other fields of study.  The holy book says study to show yourself approved.

4. Engage in physical exercise and eat healthy: A healthy body no doubt gives rise to a healthy mind. During this lockdown period, as you await the reopening of schools, jogging during the early hours of the morning as well as eating fruits and vegetables should be a part of your daily routine especially for the athletic students who hope to resume their sporting activities. This will ensure that your body is fit and builds up a strong immune system that wards off illnesses while staying safe.

These tips discussed above will enable you as a student to cope with and continue your studies without feeling the time lapse in your studies and extracurricular activities. Always remember that a stitch in time saves nine and if you haven’t started with any of the tips above you can still start now. To hope is to cope, to cope is to overcome. Cognoscenti of knowledge

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