Chasing His Rejected Wife

Chasing His Rejected Wife by Rose is a romance novel that is available on Dreame, a platform for online reading and writing. The novel tells the story of a woman who leaves her husband after finding out that he still loves his ex-girlfriend, and later discovers that she is pregnant with his child. Read Chasing His Rejected Wife summary below.

Chasing His Rejected Wife Summary

The novel tells the story of Cecilia, a woman who marries Rodney, a wealthy and handsome man, out of love. However, she soon finds out that he still loves his ex-girlfriend, Amber, who is also her sister. Amber seduces Rodney and gets pregnant with his child, hoping to win him back. Cecilia is heartbroken and decides to leave Rodney, without telling him that she is also pregnant with his child.

Rodney is confused by Cecilia’s departure, as he thought she was only after his money. He divorces her and tries to make a family with Amber, but he realizes that he doesn’t love her anymore. Amber becomes furious and attacks Cecilia, causing her to lose her baby. Rodney regrets his actions and vows to find Cecilia and make up for his mistakes.

Cecilia, meanwhile, tries to move on with her life and raise her son, Leo, alone. She changes her name and appearance, and works as a secretary for a company. She meets a new man, Ethan, who falls in love with her and proposes to her. However, she is still haunted by her past and fears that Rodney will find her.

Rodney, who has been searching for Cecilia for a long time, finally locates her and sees her with Ethan. He is shocked and jealous, and decides to do whatever it takes to get her back. He uses his influence and power to sabotage Ethan’s business and reputation, and tries to woo Cecilia with his charm and sincerity. He also discovers that Leo is his son, and wants to be a part of his life.

Cecilia is torn between her feelings for Rodney and Ethan, and her fear of being hurt again. She doesn’t know who to trust and what to do. Will she give Rodney another chance, or will she choose Ethan? Will Rodney be able to prove his love and loyalty to Cecilia, or will he lose her forever? Find out in Chasing His Rejected Wife by Rose.

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Chasing His Rejected Wife
Chasing His Rejected Wife

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