Ceo’s Ex-wife Returns as Billionaire Mommy

“Ceo’s Ex-wife Returns as Billionaire Mommy” is a romance novel that delves into the tumultuous journey of Charlotte, who, after enduring a heart-wrenching betrayal and a bitter divorce from her husband Sebastian, transforms her shattered life into one of extraordinary success and empowerment. This gripping tale follows Charlotte’s rise from the ashes, as she returns years later not only as a billionaire but also as a devoted mother, ready to face her past and redefine her future with strength, love, and unyielding determination.

Ceo’s Ex-wife Returns as Billionaire Mommy Summary

Charlotte never imagined that what was supposed to be the best day of her life would turn into her worst nightmare. Just as she was about to share the joyous news of her pregnancy with her husband, Sebastian Blackwood, she stumbled upon him in an intimate moment with his rumored mistress and her best friend. The betrayal shattered her heart into a million pieces, and she didn’t foresee the further blow of him throwing divorce papers in her face when she thought they could reconcile.

Sebastian’s accusations of infidelity left Charlotte stunned. She stood there, heartbroken, as he demanded a divorce with venom in his voice, accusing her of being unfaithful. “Sign these papers and get the hell out of my life for heaven’s sake. I was a fool to fall in love with a woman like you, Charlotte,” he spat. The pure hatred in his eyes was a stark contrast to the love that used to fill them, squeezing her heart with unbearable pain.

Desperate for this nightmare to end, Charlotte clung to a sliver of hope. “Is this a joke, right?” she asked, praying for a reprieve. But Sebastian’s harsh words shattered her hope again. “You made a joke of my reputation, Charlotte. Now save our time and free us from this web of deception you call a marriage,” he said coldly, handing her the divorce papers. His relentless cruelty left her reeling, as the life she once knew crumbled around her.

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Ceo's Ex-wife Returns as Billionaire Mommy
Ceo’s Ex-wife Returns as Billionaire Mommy

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