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Billionaire Bride is a 29 Chapters romance novel by ROSH BEE. It has gathered more than 25.8K  views on Moboreader. Read Billionaire Bride summary and more below.

Billionaire Bride Summary

Alexander Hardin is an 18-year-old International Swimmer and the Heir to the Hardin’s Family, known for his playboy lifestyle and it’s all due to his popularity which makes girls lurk around him. Overall, he is a total jerk who fucks anything in skirt, not leaving out female teachers.

The only problem he has is his mother who has been pestering him to find one lady to stick with so she could inherit heirloom. Here comes a young lady, Linda is gentle and benevolent to everyone, she’ll rather hide her family status as she prefers a low lifestyle, she has everything a Rich’s man daughter could ever have but they all stay in her house. Despite having expensive cars and driver’s, she chose to go to school with the bicycle purchased from her allowances. It all got to a point that Mr. Hardin, Alexander’s father got fed up about his son’s arrogant and nonchalant behavior and he came to a conclusion.

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Billionaire Bride Reviews (Moboreader)

Billionaire Bride
Billionaire Bride


Interesting story to read about your reading and how much it was good for your day off and enjoy reading gorgeous character


I finish reading this. It is a nice story and it is short too. I recommend this.

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