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Beth’s Hope is a 31 Chapters Historical Romance novel by ElizabethJean, which has gotten more than 35.2 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Beth’s Hope summary and more below.

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Beth’s Hope Summary

A young German family: a mother, father and young daughter. Reeling after the events of World War I, this young family prepares to meet the events of World War II head on. The father, a career military man who tells himself he is ‘just following orders’. The mother, a devoted wife who can no longer justify the actions of her husband when they start invading the world of their daughter. And the girl, what will she do? What would a naive young girl do when she discovers that her beloved, infallible Father has killed people they’ve known all their lives and, in fact, whose career hinges upon running a labor camp of his own? Beth’s Hope answers all these questions from the perspective of a tired old woman who looks once again through the eyes of that young girl before her last tie to those memories gets destroyed once and for all. Listen as Beth Schmidt recalls a lovely old clock maker, a young first love and the heart wrenching discovery that her father is a monster. Through pain, trauma and indescribable loss, Beth recalls her fight to discover anything which might bring her hope.

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Beth’s Hope (Webnovel)

Beth's Hope
Beth’s Hope

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