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Back To The Marriage Summary

Back To The Marriage – Sandra felt a continuous blow when Bara put down the folder containing their divorce papers. It was unexpected that their sweet memories would end so quickly. Even though she had prepared long ago, Sandra was still not willing.

It’s enough for him to admit that he feels happiness when he’s with Bara. Especially when he found out that there was a tiny figure growing in his womb.

Bara never thought that the divorce he proposed would be the beginning of his deepest regrets. Sandra slipped from his grasp. When he realized everything about Sandra’s presence, he actually did something ridiculous that was unforgivable.

Sandra left his life. Choose to end suffering while at Bara’s side. Sandra has run away.

Seven years later. At a fairly large party, they were reunited.

Will they choose to tie the knot again? Or are they actually happy with their respective partners?

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Back To The Marriage (Webnovel)

Back To The Marriage
Back To The Marriage

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