Astral Merchant 

The novel is a mix of action, romance, comedy, and drama, with a lot of sci-fi and fantasy elements. It has a fast-paced plot, humorous dialogue, and a charismatic protagonist, who is both ruthless and charming. The novel also explores the themes of identity, destiny, friendship, and justice, as well as the different aspects of the astral plane, such as weapons, techniques, factions, and realms.

Astral Merchant Summary

Astral Merchant is a fantasy novel that tells the story of Larcen, a man who took on low-paying jobs to earn a living. But he had a goal, and that was to become a diver, an occupation filled with uncertainty and high mortality rate. While it was dangerous, he had two reasons to pursue it. One was for riches and the other was because of the screen that floated in front of him. {System will unlock once the user goes to another world} He expected to get something that could help him evolve but little did he know that he would receive something far more versatile and powerful. Something that had the potential to overthrow the high-humans, the beings who had a hold on most of the Astral Dimensions.

The novel follows Larcen’s adventures as he travels to different worlds and dimensions, where he encounters various enemies, allies, secrets, and mysteries. He uses his wits, skills, and resources to overcome various challenges and obstacles, while also seeking answers to his questions. He also meets many beautiful and powerful women, who become his partners in trade and pleasure. He also discovers that he has a unique and powerful talent, the Astral Force, which allows him to manipulate the energy and matter of the astral plane, and that he has a greater role to play in the fate of the multiverse.

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Astral Merchant
Astral Merchant

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