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Alpha Markus by Emm E. Goshald, a romance novel which tells the story about Celeste, the Alpha daughter of the Sky Moon Pack. Read Alpha Markus summary below.

Alpha Markus Summary

Celeste, the Alpha daughter of the Sky Moon Pack, has spent her life concealing her true identity. After witnessing the brutal murder of her parents by the Blood Moon Pack at a tender age, she hides her Alpha lineage and lives as an omega for over a decade. Constantly guarding the remnants of her parents’ pack, Celeste protects their members by fabricating her age, rank, and suppressing her shattered gift.

However, her carefully constructed facade crumbles when she attends the full moon celebration hosted by the Blood Moon Alpha’s daughter, only to discover that Alpha Markus, one of the guests, is her destined mate. United with Markus in the Crescent Moon Pack, Celeste’s existence undergoes a drastic transformation. But as the truth about her past gradually surfaces, she and Alpha Markus find themselves embroiled in a life-or-death struggle, not just for Celeste’s survival, but also for the fate of her people.

In a shocking revelation, Celeste uncovers the ancient Aztec bloodline secret behind the recurring tragedies that plague her. Now, faced with adversaries more formidable than the typical power-hungry werewolf, Celeste and Markus must rely on the strength of their bond to navigate the treacherous battles ahead. Will their love and determination be enough to overcome the imminent challenges? Immerse yourself in this thrilling tale to discover the answer.

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Alpha Markus
Alpha Markus

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