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A Fall From Heaven is a 34 Chapters Fantasy Romance novel by Cendrillon1996, which has gotten more than 1.0 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read A Fall From Heaven summary and more below.

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A Fall From Heaven Summary

A match made in heaven and hell.
Ella and Luca met, nobody knows where exactly, but in the pages of destiny they were written as lovers.
Ella wasn’t supposed to exist, she’s the daughter of an angel and a human, her mother refused to claim the baby and fall from heaven, she sent the little angel down to earth, left to fend for herself.
Luca is the son of a fallen angel, he was raised on earth, he’s an old angel that no one dares to touch him, although he wasn’t the one to fall from heaven, redemption was very far away for him.
Heaven and Hell are standing against their relation, they’ll throw obstacles over their way but will their love survive.
This story includes DDLG, AGE REGRESSION, CGL, and maybe a little bit of SMUT.

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A Fall From Heaven (Webnovel)

A Fall From Heaven
A Fall From Heaven

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